A husband, father, Entrepreneur, veteran and successful businessman, John Sawyer, is a proud representation of the American Dream. John is a long-time Republican and Conservative who will fight for everyone in Washington, not just the elite!

Today's elected officials simply lack the life-skills to fix our problems - nor do they try. Getting re-elected is a full time job for our so-called leaders, and the modern politician barely has time to govern. 

Ask yourself, what has Tom Rooney in 8 years, actually done for you?  Nothing...


We are faced with crises concerning terrorism, jobs, public education, illegal immigration, race relations, and government spending and no one is doing anything about it. Iran is developing a nuclear bomb and the means to drop it on New York, Washington D.C., Sarasota, or Los Angeles, and neither the President nor Congress is doing anything to prevent it. John has a simple solution "KICK IRAN'S ASS." While we still can. Put one of our anti-missile ships off the coast of North Korea. Every time they test one of their Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles - or fire one off, we test our anti-missile, missiles. Practice makes perfect.

Illegal immigrants ? Send them all home. Jobs ? Eliminate all corporation income taxes - and manufacturers will fight each other to relocate their production plants (with high-paying blue collar jobs) to our shores once again. Welcome back, Middle Class !

Public Education ? Vouchers for everyone who wants one. Get the unions to allow higher pay for Science and Math teachers to lure them away from the private sector. 

One year - no more aid for parents with children born out of wedlock. It worked in the 50's and it will work now - all are warned. 

Workfare. As James Brown once recorded "You Don't Work, You Don't Eat." With the manufacturing jobs returning there is no excuse for three, four generations of families staying on welfare.

We need leaders with guts to fight for America. Tom Rooney caved to the Obama Budget, and co-sponsored H.R. 5275 - that mandates that our school children will share facilities with members of the opposite sex. - while at the same time - he gets war hero, Bill Akins fired from his job because Akins criticized his vote on the 2017 Obama Budget.

Congressman John Sawyer would be ashamed to assert any governmental authority over ANYONE who wants to assert his 1st Amendment right to free speech.

Tom Rooney the Establishment

​ 1. Rooney, the Sugar Daddy

 Congressman who receives more PAC Donations from Big Sugar   than anyone else in the U.S. Congress.

 2. Rooney Transgender Bathroom Bill

3.Rooney at the Capitol Hill Club

    Veteran who Exercised His 1st Amendment Rights     gets fired.  Billl disagreed with Rooney's Liberal     voting record, and Rooney turned around and had     him fired!
​              NBC-2:  Rooney Gets Vet Fired 

    Sweet Tooth Tom doesn't believe the issues with     that lake are that big of a deal.​
           TC Palm: Rooney:  Lake O is Not Polluted

    Tom Rooney acting as a rubber stamp for Obama's     out of control liberal budget.​
            Trillion Dollar Budget Passed by Congress
One and the same?
1. Both want to help (require, actually) that boys must share the same bathrooms with girls in elementary schools.
​2. Both pass fluff bills that really don't help Veterans.
3. Both supported by large​ corporations, PACs, and special interests.
4. Both have agreed on and passed on a trillion dollar budget full of pork with money favoring special interests.
5. Both are the Establishment.

Not so different, eh????

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